Join Chris Kyle and Soma Miller for a 5-day Men's Leadership Immersion in the High Sierras to Reset and Re-Envision Your Life and Work


Emergent leaders and changemakers...

  • Cultivate an embodied relationship to the present moment in order to stay alert and engaged with life's inherent complexities
  • Thrive in¬†an environment of like minded peers to¬†support¬†them in being¬†accountable while forging a revolutionary path
  • Have a deep respect and affinity for nature but¬†have lost connection to it as responsibilities and life's busyness have taken precedence
  • Have the courage to take risks, be with uncertainty, and challenge the status quo
  • Yearn to feel a sense of sacred¬†purpose and living in greater alignment¬†with their core values
  • Crave the deep¬†empowerment that comes from showing up authentically without a mask
  • Are¬†ready to play the biggest game¬†they¬†have ever played, while making a¬†positive impact¬†in the world



The capacity to be calm, clear, and composed in the face of adversity. To respond vs. react, while holding the totality of yours and others human experience.


To take full ownership of your actions and your impact on your past, present, and your future, while empowering yourself to create your destiny.


Having an intimate awareness of your core values while practicing aligning your intentions, words, and actions with them.


By the end of this retreat, you'll have:

  • CLARITY: ¬†This retreat is designed to give you the tools to help you get clear and refine your vision, so you can stay focused and directed on what's necessary to lead you there.
  • INSPIRATION: Deep insights, inspiration and nourishment from your time in nature, and your explorations within the group.¬†
  • FRAMEWORK:¬†This retreat will equip you with tools to lead in your life with greater integrity, awareness, emotional intelligence, and authenticity using nature as your guiding compass.¬†
  • CAPACITY:¬†A greater capacity to show up as a more resilient, grounded, clear, open and present-centered leader.
  • COMMUNITY: You'll be surrounded by a group of purpose driven men. You'll have the opportunity to network with them, share your vision, and support each other in achieving your¬†goals.
  • TRUTH: Reconnect to your¬†True Self, outside of the roles you fill and the programs you inhereted. You'll learn techniques and practices that can help you connect with your higher wisdom,¬† and feel an embodied sense of the energy it will take to manifest that vision.
  • COURAGE: Learn how to stop waffling and people pleasing and¬†make bold and aligned choices from a connection to your core wisdom.

  • EMBODIMENT: Learn to¬†tap into nature's¬†intelligence, so you can ride the wave of uncertainty and¬†thrive in a rapidly changing world.

Our Basecamp

Granite Lake In the High Sierras of Northern California


All-Inclusive Retreat Experience 

All of your accommodations, food, activities, excursions, and group sessions over the 5 days in the Emigrant Wilderness of the High Sierras are included in the price of this retreat. (Only airfare and transportation to our launch location is not included.) 

Nature Immersion Experiences

We'll have daily nature outings to connect you with the beauty, wisdom, inspiration, and rejuvenation of the stunning natural landscape. Each day we’ll guide you through a unique process to access your intuition, creativity and inner guidance that is available through your deepening relationship with the natural world.

Personal Masterminding Sessions

As the clarity of your next steps emerge, you’ll have a small pod of men to help you sharpen and crystallize what is most calling you now – your Emergent Charge – and how to best navigate there. These masterminding sessions will provide you with key ideas, distillations, and wisdom from the other men in the group. 

Guided Embodied Practices

Each day we’ll be leading you through time-tested embodied movement, yogic practice, and active meditation to help you activates and regulate your nervous system and connect to a place of stillness, clarity, and consciousness. We'll also be guiding you through a deep shamanic breathwork journey.

Group Council Sessions

Each afternoon we’ll circle-up and create the space for specific inquiries and group exercises to support your clarity and vision for your life. We’ll draw on the insights of the day, while also tapping into the wisdom of the larger group for feedback and coaching. We’ll also do process work that will help you clear out old beliefs and patterns that don’t serve you.

Healthy Organic Meals Prepared By Our Private Chef

We believe changemakers need to nourish their bodies well to function at the high level of performance required to take on a big mission. We've hired an amazing chef to prepare healthy, organic food to support and sustain us for the deep dives we'll be doing.

Post-Retreat Integration Sessions

Much will be unearthed during this retreat. To support you in the integration of your retreat experience and being accountable to your takeaways, we are including four weekly 90-minute post-retreat integration calls hosted on Zoom (4 calls over 1 month)

Previous Emergence Participants


Your World-class Facilitators

With a combined 5 decades of experience serving thousands of men

CHRIS KYLE is a teacher, coach, facilitator and entrepreneur who has spent the last 30 years helping individuals and organizations discover their purpose and scale their impact in the world.

He is the founder of Launch Academy, a training program and community to support changemakers in bringing their message to a global audience through online courses. He is also the co-founder of Impact Giving Advisors, where he is the Head of Leadership Development.

Chris is the creator of the Power of Purpose Global Summit, the Man on Purpose 7-Week Online Course; and the co-creator of the Conscious Men Summit with Dr. John Gray and Arjuna Ardaugh.

Chris has been facilitating men’s trainings and men’s circles for 22 years all across the world. And he is a certified Co-Leader of The ManKind Project’s flagship men’s training. Earlier in his career, Chris worked for Fortune 500 companies, ran his own eco-adventure travel company, and coached start-up executives. He has a master’s degree in Nature-Based Leadership. 

SOMA MILLER is a men's coach, facilitator and visionary, standing at the forefront of leading men to embody a new paradigm culture of conscious masculinity and integral leadership.

He is the founder of The Essential Man; an organization which exists to support high-performing men live from their values and gifts so they can build meaningful, aligned lifestyles and deep, authentic relationships.

Through two decades of  immersion, leading and engaging with thousands of men, he has gained a tremendous depth and breadth of intimate knowledge, specific to the pitfalls and aspirations of the masculine developmental journey.

He has extensively trained with authorities in the arts of masculine leadership, spiritual intimacy, sacred sexuality, and conscious entrepreneurship. Including John Wineland, David Deida, Francis Weller, Robert Augustus Masters, and The Integral Center.

He is a devout somatic practitioner, yogi and entrepreneurial activist, committed to integrating holistic lifestyle design and spirituality into the practical everyday realities of hs relationships, fatherhood, and business.


Over these 5 days at our basecamp in the High Sierras we’ll be exploring how to… 

  • Find the clarity that enables you to commit to a path and the confidence to navigate through any obstacle

  • Tap into a powerful vision for the future and create a practical roadmap to get there

  • Move beyond the ‚ÄėLone Wolf‚Äô and embrace the support, reflection, and galvanizing force of brotherhood

  • Meet and integrate your own darkness and vulnerability so you can transform them into fuel for the journey

  • Utilize the power of play and flow states to access energy and creativity for your Emergent Charge and the work ahead

  • Get nourished, fortified, and guided by the beauty and wisdom of the mountains, waters, and forests¬†


“This whole experience has been a blessing for me, so perfectly timed and just what I needed to get moving forward again. It raised my awareness that many others are on a path toward authentic, open-hearted living and thus solidified my goals for a new way of living.”

Loren A., Therapist


“To work with soma is to feel challenge to grow and be supported in cutting through the mental chatter and storylines to get to the deeper feelings and core truths that animate a life that is on purpose.”

— Vaikko Allen, Environmental Engineer