90-Day Challenge

Do you find yourself hooked into external validation from women?

Do you put women on a pedestal and compromise your own integrity for the sake of connection?

Are you addicted to hits of dopamine by means feminine attention, food, social media or porn?

Do you struggle to stay focused on what’s important because you find yourself leaking attention and energy to any of the above vices?

If so, you are not alone….

I created this program to support men in reclaiming the energy from everything that dilutes their focus and leaves them feeling disempowered and dissatisfied with the world they live in.

We have been culturally trained to base much of or self-worth and value as men on how well we are received and perceived by women.

When men don’t have a deep purpose in life they will spend an incessant amount of energy chasing shallow victories.

Rather than pursuing what’s meaningful and often difficult, men will pursue pussy as a quick hit of satisfaction to stoke their ego.