Finding my way as a man in this world did not come easily or naturally to me.

I grew up in a household and an era that instilled the belief in me that men are not safe and men are the root cause of the problems in the world.  As I grew to eventually inhabit a man's body, these ideas were inevitably cast upon myself. I didn't trust myself, my desires or impulses.

The destructive consequences of these beliefs took a heavy toll on my intimate relationships. Since I viewed myself as fundamentally flawed, everything I did seemed to inadvertently be an attempt to compensate for that. I spent so much energy trying to get outward validation that I became disconnected from who I was, what I needed and what I wanted.

My early relationships were riddled with covert arrangements to get love.  I harbored resentments, when things didn't work out the way I hoped.  The chaos, pain and heartbreak I experienced eventually pushed me to take a deep look at my self-destructive patterns. 

Something in my gut led me to deliberately seek out the company of other men. I started building relationships with other men and realized I was not alone in my struggles. Countless men that I came to know suffered the same kinds of doubts, fears, insecurities, shame and dysfunctions in themselves and their intimate relationships.

At 24, desperately seeking some direction in my life, I found my way into my first men's group. I was initiated, with a small group of men, in a year long rites of passage experience. This was the catalyst that set me on course to offer the work I do today. For the past 15 + years I have been privileged to study and work with incredible teachers, mentors and coaches. In my own personal quest of growth and healing, I've invested a considerable amount of time, money sweat and tears, in learning cutting edge relationship tools, yogic and sexuality practices, somatic therapies and traditional Native American ceremonies, all for the sake of waking up and creating more of what I longed for and deep down knew was possible.

It's a continuous process for me to up-level my education and acquire new tools and technologies . My work is to practice, stretch and train myself daily, immersing myself in environments that foster my expanding growth and consciousness, so that I am able to bring more of myself to powerfully and heart-fully serving my clients.

My deep respect and reverence for the way of nature is fundamental to the coaching and men’s programs I offer. The disconnect in our modern culture that has us living domesticated lifestyles has taken its toll on our physicality. We are biological beings, with an evolutionary design that is meant to synchronize with the rhythms, the elements, the sensations, and energetics of our environments. One of the primary foundations of my work is about attuning to these forces, through our embodiment, so we can access more of our primal blueprint—which translates into vitality, clarity, and congruence.

If I had access to the resources and support structures that I now have, I don’t think I would have struggled as much as I did. Which is why I am so dedicated to helping other men tap into their authentic power.

What gets clearer and clearer to me everyday now is…

My time here is limited and life is precious.

My deepest dedication for this work is in service to my daughter and the generations that follow her. The legacy that I am leaving behind is dedicated to guiding men to choose a new masculine leadership paradigm.

One that acknowledges the interconnectedness of all things and honors all of life as sacred.

I am  committed to creating a new culture of safe, powerful, vital and conscious men in the world.