Are you ready to be held to the fire and go beyond what you think is possible?

This 12-week bootcamp for the masculine Soul will help you to reclaim your power, develop an unshakable mindset for self mastery, and unlock the confidence to reach your true potential as a man.
Join men's facilitator Soma Miller on this epic journey of body, mind, Spirit, and brotherhood.

November 27th - February 19th


Meetings times Sundays 8-11 AM PST.

Hosted in a private location in Talent, OR 


How often have you heard some version of one of these... "man up", "don't be a pussy", "boys don't cry" ??


The damage caused by these messages runs deeper than most of want to admit.

The stats are in...

  • 77% of men have suffered at one time or another with common mental health symptoms like anxiety, stress or depression
  • 40% of of those men have never spoken to anyone about their mental health. Those who haven't done so say they are "too embarrassed" to speak about it because there is a "negative stigma" around it
  • The biggest cause of mental health issues in men’s lives are work, finances relationships, and health 
  • 40% of men polled said it would take thoughts of suicide or self-harm to compel them to seek professional help

The problem is NOT that men are in pain, it's how they cope with their pain that causes problems.

In the least we rely on little "a" addictions like porn, booze, weed, food, and social media, to self-soothe. 

At its worst it becomes self abuse through major addictions, suicide or causing harm to others through emotional or physical abuse, rape and murder.

As extreme as some of these may seem to your average "well-adjusted" man, and are likely a line most of us would never cross. Truth be told, they are all rooted in the same source. Men not knowing how to handle their emotional pain and their childhood wounds...

The experience of male loneliness and isolation has reached epidemic proportions.

Men aren't the only ones that suffer the result of this.

When men don't find the resources to work through their stuff, and develop emotional maturity, EVERYONE suffers.

Men, need one another. As the old adage says "boys are born, men are made."

Before the time we had nuclear families we had tribes. 

The task of raising boys into men was not left to isolated housewives and absent fathers. It was the responsibility of elders, mentors, and an extended family of 'uncles'. There were specific initiations imparted through the ages teaching men wise use of their power, their sexuality, and their aggression. 

Contrary to what modernity is trying to impose on men in the name of civility, the task is not to divorce men from their primal nature. 

But to integrate these biological drivers and wield them in service to the tribe, the village, the family, the community and the whole world.

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will rule your life and you will call it Fate.” —Carl Jung.


The 3 pillars of the mature masculine


The capacity to be calm, clear, and composed in the face of adversity. To respond vs. react, while holding the totality of our and others human experience.


To take full ownership of your actions and your impact on your past, present, and your future, while empowering yourself to create your destiny.


Being in contact with your core values while practicing aligning your intentions, words, and actions with them-- without collapsing to please others.



Truth check...


✔ You're inconsistent in your commitments, and not able to maintain new habits, or follow through on your intentions

✔ You doubt your talents and gifts and often wonder if you have what it takes to succeed doing something meaningful

✔ You overthink, overanalyze and procrastinate, always waiting for some magical sign from the Universe to hand you the badge of readiness to go after what you want

✔ You compare yourself to others causing you to question and doubt the value of what you have to offer

✔ You find yourself hooked on external validation when relating with women

✔ You compromise your integrity in relationships for the sake of pleasing others

✔ You avoid conflict and struggle to draw clear boundaries when advocating for your needs
✔You consistently fail to focus on and follow-through on what is most important to you

✔ You lack a clear vision, consistent routines, and a path to achieving your goals

✔ You're tired of letting of fear of failure or fear of success sabotage your life

✔ You self soothe, distract or numb yourself with Netflix, porn, social media, food, alcohol, & disconnected sex

✔ You get pinned down by paralysis of analysis, perfectionism, the narrative of "not enough"

When men don’t have a deep purpose in life, they will spend an incessant amount of energy chasing shallow victories.

Draining their vital energy with tools of short-term gratification: Netflix, masturbation, alcohol, video games — you name it.

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying your sexuality, a good movie, or the great things money can buy...

But when these are used as a vice of avoidance, they deplete a man's energetic reserves and agency to make the harder choices required to pursue a more meaningful life.

If your aim is relegated to these outlets alone, you start to worship the wrong idols, and you're left feeling empty inside, even with an endless supply.

This emptiness is exactly the hole you're trying to fill;
 focusing on these temporary means of satisfaction digs you in deeper.

The #1 reason men feel disempowered in their lives is because they keep giving their power away by having weak boundaries.

This journey is designed to help you break the pattern of living a half-life of compromised values.

This brotherhood will support you in putting a stake in the ground, in the direction of your life’s greatest work.



This is for men that:

△ Crave a structure to help hold them ACCOUNTABLE to following through on what's most important

△ Feel a hunger for CAMARADERIE and CONNECTION with other powerful men

△ Want to strengthen a personal SPIRITUAL PRACTICE that helps them engage with life more consciously  

△ Are seeking a SAFE CONTAINER to heal from past wounds in relation to the masculine and the feminine

△ Are ready to connect to an EMPOWERED version of themselves

△ Want to feel a sense of PURPOSE and greater ALIGNMENT in relation to the nature and the Cosmos

△ Are seeking an experience and understanding of HEALTHY MASCULINITY

△ Would benefit from SUPPORT and PERSPECTIVE surrounding "pressing issues" in their lives

△ Need to RECLAIM A SENSE OF SELF that may have gotten lost in a relationship or in relation to society's expectations

△ Are ready to stop playing small and want to be challenged to play a bigger game, while making a POSITIVE IMPACT in the world

What's included?

12 In-person group micro-intensives

For 3 hours each week we will deep dive on a specific theme. 

Including: Masculine/feminine dynamics, self-leadership, values compassing, shadow work, inter-perpersonal intimacy, dropping the masks, higher power connection, grief ritual, sharpening the sword of consciousness, warrior/king archetypes

 *Option to partake in self-administered entheogenic micro-dosing regimen

Daily Practice Accountability Pods

The foundation of this work will be centered around a daily embodiment practice, which will offer self-regulation, build nervous system resilience, and provide a way to consciously resource yourself in any moment.

This will include 3 different video practice modules that can be practiced at home or meeting with your pod-mates in person.

Journaling Assignments

The self-reflection journal will support you to gain insights into your unconscious parts and coping strategies and give voice to aspects of your psyche that likely have never seen the light of day in a way that will invite you to see them clearly and hold them compassionately, so they no longer have power over you.

Your investment in the man you want to be:


Single Payment


* payment plans and scholarships may be available for qualified participants upon request

  • 12 weekly group intensives
  • Embodiment practice pods
  • Journaling exercises
  • Optional self administered micro-dose regimen

Prior to working with Soma in ritual space, I had dealt with the feelings and emotions related to my father wounds mainly by talking about them in the abstract. However, Soma’s powerful process dropped me out of my head and into my body and helped me access and embody the true texture of the wounds, as well as the underlying pain I had carried for decades. Soma was meticulous in his preparation and guided me through the process with love, care, and thoughtful attention. It is among the most cathartic practices I have ever done." - JASON S.

The work met and exceeded all expectations. I wanted to heal from the loss of a relationship & the emotional fallout that came from it. I recognized that I needed to find emotional maturity & intelligence & I believe the work helped me make great strides on this lifelong journey.

What changed for me begins with the way I carry myself physically as a man, & continues into how I approach my relationships with a new sense of integrity & emotional intelligence. I advocate for myself now, & don’t compromise my needs.

TYLER BYE; Software Executive