Let’s face it, relationships are hard…

For a reason

Intimate relationships will take you to your core.
Your core wounds, inadequacies and insecurities.
By design, they will reveal what needs to be healed.

The first step to moving towards transformation, is being able to acknowledge that fact and stepping out of the blame game. There is no picture-perfect romance, as much as we all have been force-fed these media driven fantasies. You need to recognize that the partner you are choosing and being challenged by has the perfect cocktail of flaws and facets that will stimulate the subconscious traumas that have been waiting for the safety of a loving connection to reveal themselves.

From there, you must commit.

Not just to being with a partner. Committing to staying in the love-game, the truth-game, the awareness-game and the growth game.

Learning the tools that were never taught to you in school, or handed down to you from your parents.

Just like any skill-set, finding a path towards success and mastery, requires practice. You must be humble enough to admit that you are likely ill-equipped to do relationship well, and then get all the way in.

Otherwise you will most likely end up a stuck in the same destructive patterns that keep you from unlocking the true love potential that is available in any relationship.

Are you curious about creating a relationship that lifts you up, has depth, chemistry, power and becomes a foundation that fuels all that you seek to create in your life?