Sept. 25th - Dec. 18th, 2022




Your commitments to yourself, your mission and your deeper purpose.



Your energy from self-sabotaging habits, distractions and addictions.



Your dignity, self-trust the intimacy of your relationships.


Your attachment to validation, self-doubt, and stuck emotions.

Your attention as a man is your most valuable asset.


Where and how you invest it makes every bit of difference in enabling you to build your kingdom: the kind of life, livelihood and relationships that are meaningful and inspiring.

Every day you're bombarded with external distractions from social media, adrenaline inducing news and mass marketing.

These things drain your life force and attention from places you WANT to invest yourself more fully.

We're all becoming increasingly conditioned by external stimuli to respond to an impulsive and dopamine-driven desire for instant gratification.


How often do you catch yourself living on autopilot?


You probably feel like you don't have full control over your impulses and desires.

Your efforts to focus, get meaningful work done and create connected intimacy are being undermined by social media notifications, demands from work, porn and the myriad of things that tug at your attention multiple times a day.

As domesticated men, we've lost our connection to the very natural, primal force that lives within us.

We're often unaware of just how much we need access to our innate biological ability to be adaptive, resilient and attuned to ourselves and our surroundings in order to create the quality of relationships that truly nourish us.

The fragility of our egos and underdeveloped emotional capacity keep us from receiving the tremendous value of authentic feedback from people we love and trust, and using it to catalyze our growth.




has spent the past two decades gathering the tools to awaken human potential. 

He is a big-picture systems thinker, piecing together ancient, inner spiritual technologies with a modern practical and embodied approach to growth, awareness and development.

Soma coaches men to uncover their true essence, deepest values and gifts so they have the inner resources and confidence to create aligned and inspired lifestyles, and deeply meaningful relationships.

"To work with Soma is to feel challenged to grow, and to be supported in cutting through mental chatter and storylines to get to the deeper feelings and core truths that animate a life that is on purpose."

- Vaikko Allen

Program Lead 

Soma Miller

Has spent the past 2 decades in pursuit of gathering the tools to awaken human potential. 

He is a big picture, systems thinker, piecing together ancient, inner spiritual technologies with a modern practical and embodied approach to growth, awareness and development.

He coaches men to uncover their true essence, deepest values and gifts so they have the inner resources and confidence to create aligned and inspired lifestyles and deeply meaningful relationships.


  • Do you find yourself hooked on external validation when relating with women?

  • Do you compromise your integrity in relationships for the sake of pleasing others?

  • Do you fail to draw clear boundaries because you’re afraid you might lose something?

  • Do you consistently fail to focus and follow-through on what is most important to you?

  • Do you use pot, porn or booze to numb yourself instead of fully feeling your feelings?

  • Do you get easily distracted and pulled into social media, junk food, video games, and dating apps as a way of avoiding what you need to do or face?

  • Do you neglect to take time for yourself, to recharge, replenish and to get centered?

  • Do you struggle with a sense of low self-worth and the deep-seated belief that you’re not enough?

  • Do you self-sabotage and resist the fuck out of structure and consistency?

If any of the above are true, you are not alone….

We’ve been there.

Along with the countless men that we've worked with over the years.

At some point in life, every man must make the transition from boyhood to manhood by disrupting these patterns. 

It is a process of leaving home.  And differentiation.

A man must be willing to move away from the comfortable, seductive realm of the feminine, the energy of the "mother," in order to claim his sovereign place in the world as a man.

He must be willing to sacrifice his addiction to comfort in pursuit of what truly makes him come alive.

Where this aliveness lies is different for every man.


That aliveness is most often wrapped up inside the question: "WHY AM I HERE?"


When men don’t have a deep purpose in life, they will spend an incessant amount of energy chasing shallow victories.
They will drain their vital energy with tools of short-term gratification: Netflix, alcohol, video games — you name it.

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying your sexuality, a good movie, or the great things money can buy, in and of themselves. 

But when these are used as a vice of avoidance, they deplete a man's energetic reserves and agency to make the harder choices required to pursue a meaningful life.

If your aim is relegated to these outlets alone, you start to worship the wrong idols, and you're left feeling empty inside, even with an endless supply.

This emptiness is exactly the hole you're trying to fill;
 focusing on these temporary means of satisfaction digs you in deeper.

The #1 reason men feel disempowered in their lives is because they keep giving their power away by having weak boundaries.

The Masculine Reset is built to help you break the pattern of living a half-life of compromised values.

We support you in putting a stake in the ground, in the direction of your life’s greatest work.

If you deeply commit to this process, our promise is that you will shed the part of you that is trapped in the shell of an inexperienced boy, being reborn into a man of integrity — a man on fire for his life!




After completing The Reset you will...


Feel more balance in all aspects of your life.

 Have men in your life who you can connect with authentically and develop meaningful relationships with.

  Have powerful tools to more effectively handle your intense emotions.

  Feel more invigorated about your life, your sense of direction and your relationships.

  Recognize the sacred power of solitude and challenge.

  Be more comfortable with receiving direct feedback from others.

  Have access to your own grounded, authentic masculine presence.

  Be more focused, directed, disciplined and aligned with your values.

  Have a healthy relationship to feelings, and the self-awareness to communicate the truth of your emotions from a place of power.

  Develop the capacity for deeper, more fulfilling connections with women.

  Know how to connect with women in a way that creates stronger sexual attraction.

  Embody your core primal masculine essence in an integrated, healthy way.

  Have resources that effectively get you through challenging moments of stress, developing greater resilience.


THE RESET is for you if...  


✓ You're ready to improve your relationships with women and drop the needy, nice-guy, validation-seeking behaviors.

Becoming a better man, partner, son and father are priorities to you.

✓ You want to connect with a community of other men who are focused on becoming better men.

✓ You're ready to take yourself to the next level of your masculine practice.

✓ You need tools that are effective at helping you handle your own emotions.

✓ You're done letting distractions and impulses rule your life and intimate relationships.

✓ You want to give up porn.

✓ You struggle to find the energy, focus, discipline, support and clarity to move your life forward in a meaningful direction.

✓ You ruminate, getting into states of paralysis-of-analysis that keep you from taking action.

✓ You're addicted to quick fixes and dopamine hits like social media, dating apps, pornography, weed, booze, snacks.

✓ Your relationships with women are needy, co-dependent or non-existent.

✓ You struggle to create attraction, polarity, depth of connection, and the kind of masculine leadership that inspires a woman's devotion and openness.

✓ You're uncomfortable connecting with other men and accessing your own masculine energy.


THE RESET is NOT for you if... 


You're trying to "fix" yourself, and do it quickly.

X You're looking to develop your pickup artist skills.

X You want to be rescued.

X You're unwilling to take responsibility for leading your life.

You have no desire to learn about yourself.

You prefer to walk away from things that challenge you.

You're not available for honest & direct feedback.

X It's not important to you to improve your relationships with women.

You prefer to remain undisciplined in your relationship to sexual impulse and distraction.

You want to complain, blame and maintain your victim status.


Includes a 3-day in person retreat in Fruitland, Utah

 (dates & location tentative)


October 8th- 10th, 2022

A Beautiful Mountain Earthship

Enjoy converging with your band of brothers at this rustic retreat space on the edge of the Utah wilderness — including accommodations.


**Travel expenses not included


Farm-to-table Catering

Organic gourmet, paleo inspired meals prepared with locally-grown, seasonal foods.

All inclusive


Paid in full

  • (10) 2-hour Wisdom Council group calls
  • (2) 45 min. 1:1 Insight Coaching calls with Soma
  • A 3-day in-person event in Fruitland, Utah
  • Daily group embodiment practices
  • The 'Reset Integration' journal
  • (1) 2.5 hour bonus kickoff call. * If signed up before Sept. 25th

 Jonah; MD

I thought I was going to get someone "coaching" me how to be happy and live life more fully. I got a lot more than that. I was able to rummage through the basement and attic of my heart and head.

I started caring for myself. I started feeling my body. I started listening to my heart. 

I learned how to stay grounded and regulated when facing adversity, how to hold the "fire" that is my partner without getting burned so bad and started to feel positive about my impact in the world.


 For me, the ability to start feeling with my heart was life changing. It's not even really relationship advice. It's advice in how to be a modern masculine. 



VAIKKO ALLEN; Environmental Engineer


Soma's style can be blunt and irreverent but it is also grounded and nurturing. This combination can be a perfect recipe for getting unstuck and moving toward a more fulfilling life.

Soma naturally embodies authentic relating practices, creating a group field of trust and compassion.

Eduardo Siu; Sales Associate


We become closer and more intimate with the people we endure challenging times with and with the people that are willing to step on the edges of life with us.  

Soma was not only willing but he created a container for me to build a stronger relationship with myself. 

 He opened the door to a deeper life experience, helping me embrace everything and enabling me to crawl out of what seemed to be a very dark period in my life. Only to find out that it was a necessary path to a life of greater purpose, trust, and acceptance of what is. 

Bryan Pistole; Loan Officer


Soma – man, it begins and ends with you. I’m about to learn that lesson firsthand with this gym.

You set a flawless example of a leader. Not that you were perfect, but that you were perfectly open and honest – which is truth, which is what we’re all desperate for.

Your group – your vision – changed my life and it sounds trite to simply say ‘thank you’ for something so large, but I mean it from the depth of my being.

Tyler Bye; Software Executive


The work met and exceeded all expectations. I wanted to heal from the loss of a relationship & the emotional fallout that came from it. I recognized that I needed to find emotional maturity & intelligence & I believe the work helped me make great strides on this lifelong journey.

What changed for me begins with the way I carry myself physically as a man, & continues into how I approach my relationships with a new sense of integrity & emotional intelligence. I advocate for myself now, & don’t compromise my needs.

For anyone who knows they need emotional help, & doesn’t know where to start, this is the place. If you find yourself thinking you’re doing all the right things, but your relationships are going wrong, this is the place for you to find the help you need to challenge your beliefs about emotional intelligence & maturity, & correct your path before it’s too late.

Brandon; Sales


I have had the pleasure of working with Soma 1:1 and the insight and clarity of his calls cut straight to the point.

He has a gift of seeing through the clutter and getting down to the critical points of self reflection one needs to hear. He challenges you in a way that brings out the best of oneself and is there to help along the way.

I would recommend Soma to anyone who is in need of self development and inner work. His guidance will help cut cords and will challenge you with insights from a grounded, genuine and helpful presence to improve your way of life.

Jeff Monheim; Retired


What I loved most about the program, was the opportunity to be with a group of men who were willing to be vulnerable and honest about their deepest issues, fears, and anxieties.


Joseph Andersen; Sales Associate


I had hoped to expand my awareness of how I show up in the world as a modern man, and ground more securely the presence created from a loving sense of self. You exceeded my expectations and supporting me in uncovering a deeper source to trust within myself.


I have a more grounded sense of confidence and security even among the moments of overwhelm, fear, and anxiety there exists a floor which will never give out. One that can hold it all. 


In this 12-week, LIVE training you will reset, renew, reclaim, restore, and release.

Don't hesitate to become the embodiment of the man you want to be.