Discover the foundational tools that will shift you from resignation to action and building a life on your own terms.

In this 12-week, LIVE training for men you will activate your presence, align with your true power and begin to embody your deepest purpose.

It's time to free yourself from the programs that have been running you your whole life.

In men’s work we dig into the key areas of relationships, communication, money, sexuality, spirituality, physical health and purpose.

Together we create a solid container of healthy challenge, accountability, honest feedback, compassion, respect and integrity so that each man is served to be the best man he can possibly be.

In order to thrive and upgrade our lives we need to be in a culture that demands our best. An environment that challenges us to face ourselves honestly and stay on track with our growth.

The world is craving your gifts. 

When men play small in their lives they not only lack fulfillment but fail to serve the their relationships, families and communities in a way that would actually start to change the world for the better. 

This program is designed to get you off auto-pilot and fully into the driver's seat of your life.

Contact us for an enrollment call and we will see if it’s a good fit for you.

Online training

For the first time we are offering the pilot programs for an online training. Same course, same format, from the comfort of your own home, anywhere in the world!




In this 12-Week Intensive men’s training, you will:

  • Learn how to move with embodied consciousness from uncertainty to bold action in your life.
  • Reclaim your energy from the distractions and addictions that dilute your sense of purpose.
  • Shift the dynamic from plugging into women for validation and emotional support to being self-assured and self-sourced.
  • Shape your body and living environment into instruments for your success.
  • Define, declare, and align your choices and life force with your deepest core values.


Free introductory workshop November 30, 2017

Program officially starts December 7th and continues through February 22.

Program cost is $750 and is limited to 10 men.

We meet every other Thursday from 6:30-9pM  

Jackson Wellsprings community Room

Includes: 2 Free, 60 minute, personal coaching sessions per month, for the duration of the 12 week program.