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Sex Demystified - An Adult Education for Men


  • Gratify women emotionally while satisfying them sexually

  • Develop the potential for full body non-ejaculatory orgasms

  • Understand female anatomy & master the art of her arousal

  • Experience key mindset shifts that curb premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction

  • Help a woman reach her 3 different types of orgasm

  • Let go of years of conditioning which inhibit you from your unique sexual self mastery

  • Stop compromising what you really want and create relationships by design

Soma Miller teams up with Emily Athena to bring you a holistic method of sexual empowerment coaching for men.  We will be covering practical tools to approach your sex and relationships from a place of empowerment. We dive into the exploration of emotional intelligence, transparent communication, seduction and enhancing sexual pleasure. 

In this dynamic East meets West experiential approach, you will let go of inhibiting beliefs and gain the confidence to show up in your authentic sexual embodiment. Face your shame, fears, wounds and challenges in a safe environment. Freeing yourself up mentally and emotionally to fulfill your deepest needs for love, connection and sexual expression. 

Training Breakdown

Module 1: Pleasure Revisited

Module 2: The Freedom in Embodiment

Module 3: Clearing the Cobwebs of your Sexual History

Module 4: The Art of the Conscious Fuck

Module 5: Anatomy and Arousal of The Female Body

Module 6: Intimacy, Depth, and Cosmic Orgasms

Co-Facilitated By Emily Athena 

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Emily Athena Is a certified sex educator and practitioner of holistic sexuality, through the Artemis School. Her ongoing studies are in the field of trauma resolution.

Why sex and trauma education? I’ve found that sex education is about so much more than just sex; it’s more like human education. It has normalized so much of what I thought was wrong with me. Beyond the personal growth, the purpose of this work is for widespread cultural change. In the time of #metoo, I see this as the answer.


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Learn practical tools for sexual magic!

Next course starts June 2019.