Men Need Time Alone

Men are evolutionarily wired to need solitude.

Men and women have adapted through the ages, to require different ways of coming back to themselves, from the stresses of the world. 🌍

Men have evolved to find their center more readily in stillness, from the days when we waited patiently as hunters for the game to arrive or found solace in the flickering flames of the sacred fire.🔥

Women tend to be more nourished by connection and contact. 🤱🏽 Because modern couples tend to occupy so much of the same space together, it can be difficult for a man to allow himself to take time and space to recharge. 🔋 

If we are constantly on, from the moment we wake up and at the mercy of giving to our jobs and then returning home to handle more responsibilities, from care-taking children to attending to our partner’s need for attention, we can end up feeling depleted. 😵

This state of depletion leads to low quality attention, irritability and likely even angry outbursts, 🤬 because we are neglecting the part of ourselves that needs to do NOTHING. •

As men we MUST make ourselves important enough to deliberately sanction time away from responsibilities, from the habit of doing, from social media, from relating to others. 
Otherwise we will decline into the behaviors that will be labeled as “toxic masculinity”. Many men will likely seek out secondary methods to turn off, like overuse of alcohol or media.

First you must become aware that you have a need. Having a need does not make you needy! Second you must have the will to make this need a priority. Third you must have the conversations from the heart, that you will not compromise on this need. Finally you must do it! 
Get out in nature. Take a hike. Sit and be still. Light a fire in the backyard. Allow yourself the time to come back home to yourself. ⛰

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Soma Miller