Your Comfort is Killing Your Aliveness!

We are living in an age where consumption gets easier and easier every day.

We can order food, clothing, shelter, transport and sex with our fingertips. 

Gone are the days when men had to hunt and gather, using our innate faculties to survive. In developed nations, we have so much at our disposal that would seemingly create greater ease and freedom in our lives, yet men are suffering more mentally and emotionally than ever before. 

When we consume unconsciously and without a real need, we are in a sense using external substances or stimuli to disconnect us from our feeling body. This act of numbing desensitizes us to ourselves and our environments. We are installing habits into our body-minds that distance us from our own life force and self awareness.

There’s a reason that most of the great wisdom traditions of the world have practiced some level of austerity. 

There’s a reason that less developed cultures often have a greater happiness quotient than our own. 
That stretch into discomfort, that fire that burns in an effort to grow or create something, instills a natural sense of gratitude. 

Training ourselves to spend time without stuffing ourselves and even creating intentional challenges, opens up new levels of sensory awareness, emotional intelligence and instinct.

In this way we can grow our capacity to feel. If we can start to experience the world with awareness, whole new possibilities open up. Instead of numbing ourselves, we have an opportunity to allow ourselves to feel more, which in turn translates into energy, vitality and power.

That type of energy feeds the will that a man must cultivate to actualize the life he truly wants to live. If you don’t allow yourself to fully feel the pain and heartbreak of your life, you will not be able to move the needle towards joy. 

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Soma Miller