The Art of Failure

I learn best from my mistakes not books, not lectures, not how-to videos on YouTube.

Maybe it's my attention span, or just how I'm wired. There's something about the grit of first-hand experience that creates a muscle memory for me, whether it's when I'm practicing a new way of communication, a new meditation, or sexual technique, I must have visceral sense of what it feels like to both, miss the mark and hit the nail on the head.

It's kind of like tuning a guitar or instrument by ear (If you're a musician you'll get this). Often it helps to find the resonance with the right note by first bringing the note into dissonance. There's actually cringe that happens in the body when things are slightly off and a relaxation that happens when the sweet spot is found. Sometimes the off-ness is very subtle, maybe it's almost tolerable, yet just a slight shift forward or backward a degree, perhaps could evoke a deeper breath or a sigh of relief.

In some way we can always be in a practice of tuning ourselves to other people or environments, looking for that sweet spot, where it just feels better, more alive, more relaxed, more connected, more true.
And then there is that refinement that as an artist of life, we can infinitely place our awareness around, as to what would bring our art or skill or work, or whatever it is we are committed to doing, to the next level of depth.

A man on a path of mastery is forever a student.
Committed to asking the difficult questions.

Not as a perfectionist trying to criticize and condemn but coming from a sincere desire to deepen for the sake of deepening, for the sake of serving others through their art or their work.

We must be willing to fail, to get it right on the money.

Avoiding failure by not doing anything or challenging ourselves outside of our zone of competence, keeps us stuck at the same level of skill. And that's fine for some.

For those of us that want to make the kind of magic that moves people and mountains, we must become devoted to the craft. It is through that devotion that we start to refine ourselves and step beyond the game of winning and losing and become dedicated to a much larger life...cont.10m

A life that is worth living and a love that is worth dying for.

One where we no longer measure success by comparing ourselves to others but by paying attention to the impact and evolution of what we do.

And that alone is enough.

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Soma Miller