A 12-Week Initiation to Unlock Your Potential and Awaken Your Vital Essence... 

OCT 1st - Dec 17th 2023

Session Times: Wednesdays 11:00AM - 1:30PM PDT hosted on ZOOM

This Program is Limited to 12 Men

Do you ever find yourself going through the motions of life, lacking a true sense of purpose and direction?

Perhaps you've worked hard to establish some level of comfort in your professional life or within your relationships, but deep down, you sense that you're not truly living at your fullest potential.

Life feels okay, but it's missing that spark—the feeling of truly being alive.

Through my own personal journey and multiple decades of working with thousands of men, I've come to understand that our relentless pursuit of comfort often becomes a clever way to avoid confronting the things that cause us suffering. Strangely enough, the more we try to evade our challenges, the more they persist and keep us stuck in a cycle of mediocrity.

I've discovered that there's a transformative power that lies within every man... it just requires the right conditions to turn it on.

It's through the courageous act of turning towards our deepest fears—physical, emotional, interpersonal, and spiritual—that we experience genuine and lasting growth and transformation.

I know you long for more than a safe, predictable, and domesticated version of yourself. Deep within you, there are untapped aspects of your being waiting to come online.

It's a reconnection to and remembrance of your true, authentic, undulterated nature—an act I like to call "rewilding."

By embracing this process, you'll ignite a fire within you, feel inspired, and remember that you're here on this Earth to create something truly meaningful.

Yet, let's be honest, achieving this level of personal growth and transformation isn't easy when you go at it alone. You may have attempted to make changes in the past, only to find yourself caught in old patterns and spinning your wheels. The truth is, you're not alone in this struggle.

Society bombards men with toxic messages that contribute to the sense of being confined to the the "man-box", often leaving us battling anxiety, stress, and depression. Unfortunately, the negative stigma surrounding seeking help prevents many from finding the support they desperately need.

But there is a way forward. It begins by acknowledging that men need each other.

Throughout history, men weren't expected to navigate life's passages in isolation. Elders, mentors, and extended family members played pivotal roles in guiding men through initiations that taught them the wise use of power, sexuality, and aggression. It's time for us to reclaim that ancient wisdom and integrate our primal nature towards a path of purpose and service.

It's time to let go of the "lone wolf" mentality and embrace the power of brotherhood. Together, we can rise above our pain, support one another, and become the noble kings we were always meant to be.

Welcome to Pneuma—a transformative journey that will help you uncover the underlying blind spots that have kept you stuck, break free from self-doubt and mediocrity, and cultivate a life of purpose, connection, and fulfillment.

Within our community of high-performing men, you'll gain access to a powerful blend of science-backed tools, practices, and wisdom. Together, we will provide the support and accountability you need to reconnect with your life's purpose, tap into unshakeable confidence, and create nourishing relationships that fuel your soul.

It's time to rewrite your story, redefine what it means to be a man, and co-create a stronger, more connected world. Are you ready to embark on this transformative journey? Step into a life of purpose, connection, and fulfillment with us.

What to expect from Arete:

  • A Brotherhood Of Like-Minded Men: Connect with a supportive community of men to share your journey towards self actualization.

  • Emergent Strategy: Gain clarity on your life's purpose and create a roadmap to achieve your goals by looking at the intersection of your essence, your values, and what the world needs.

  • Self-Leadership: Clarify your core values, and harness the ability to lead yourself with integrity and aligned action.

  • Emotional Hygiene: Learn the bio-energetic tools to process the emotional residue from the past so you can be current and in your life so you no longer live from the lens and unconscious strategies of your past pain and trauma. 

  • Upgrading the Nervous System: Build  resilience through  neuroscience and trauma-informed somatic practice technologies empowering you to navigate life's challenges with equanimity and composure.


Why Men Remain Stagnant...

Many men choose to stick with what's familiar instead of embracing the unknown. Whenever they encounter fear, they retreat to their comfort zone, seeking safety and control.

However, this comfort zone is anything but comfortable. Although it may be familiar, it fails to provide genuine comfort.

Remaining within the boundaries of the familiar creates a false sense of security. It may even give the illusion of progress. However, in reality, it's merely a way of avoiding the fear of change.

While the world or your partner may be urging you to be more vulnerable, it's important to understand that vulnerability isn't about spewing your psycho- emotional inner dialogue everywhere you go.

True vulnerability means leaning into uncertain and unmanaged outcomes. It's the opposite of weakness; it requires genuine courage.

This is the real challenge that awaits you.

Truth check... Which of these speaks to you?

 You're inconsistent in your commitments, and fail to maintain new habits, or follow through on your intentions

 You overthink, overanalyze and procrastinate, always waiting for some magical sign from the Universe to hand you the badge of readiness to go after what you want

 You compare yourself to others causing you to quietly compete, while questioning and doubting your value

✔ You compromise your integrity in relationships for the sake of people-pleasing and external validation

You avoid difficult things, conflict, and struggle to set clear boundaries

 You distract or numb yourself with Netflix, porn, social media, food, alcohol, & disconnected sex

 You're frozen by paralysis of analysis, perfectionism, and the narrative of "not enough"

This is for men that:

Crave a structure to support them in the ACCOUNTABILITY to follow through on what's most important

 Long to have a experience of trust, CAMARADERIE and deep connection with other men

 Want to  strengthen a personal SACRED PRACTICE that moves them to engage with life with intention

 Are seeking a SAFE CONTAINER to move beyond their wounds and strategies of self sabotage

 Want to feel a sense of PURPOSE and living in greater alignment with their core values

 Are seeking an embodied experience of an emotionally mature and healthy MASCULINE COMMUNITY

Want to connect to a DEEP EMPOWERMENT  that comes from showing up authentically without a mask

 Are ready to be challenged to play a bigger game while makingPOSITIVE IMPACT in the world

What's included?

(7) Virtual Group Sessions (2.5 hours long)

Covering topics such as masculine/feminine dynamics, self-leadership, values compassing, shadow work, sexual practice, authentic relating, higher self-connection, emotional release, and archetypal embodiment.

A 3-Day Nature-Based Intensive in Ashland, OR November 3rd-5th

Immerse yourself in the healing power of nature during a transformative 3-day intensive. This immersive experience will provide opportunities for deep connection with the natural world and inner exploration.

Daily Embodiment Practice Regimen

Create a daily ritual that will support you to show up with greater purpose, power, and presence by activating your primal life force and clearing stress, emotional pain, and anxiety from your nervous system.

Journaling Assignments

Engage in self-reflection through journaling to gain insights into your unconscious parts and coping strategies, bringing them to light and diminishing their power over you.

(6) 1:1 Insight Coaching Sessions with Soma

These deep dive coaching sessions are tailored to your unique challenges and aspirations. Soma has been guided men through the pitfalls of the masculine developmental journey for a decade.

"Soma’s powerful work dropped me out of my head and into my body and helped me access and embody the underlying pain I had carried for decades. Soma was meticulous in his preparation and guided me through the process with love, care, and thoughtful attention. It is among the most cathartic experiences I have ever had." - JASON S.

The work met and exceeded all expectations. I wanted to heal from the loss of a relationship & the emotional fallout that came from it. I recognized that I needed to find emotional maturity & intelligence & the work helped me make great strides on this lifelong journey.

I approach my relationships with a new sense of integrity & don’t compromise my needs.


Reclaim Your Primal Nature, Harness Your Power, And Unleash True Confidence.
Are you ready to rise up and become the man you were meant to be?

Join us for Arete

3 Payments


  • 11 Live Group Virtual Intensives (3-hours long) focusing on specific themes
  • Daily Practice Accountability Pods for a daily embodiment practice routine
  • Journaling Assignments for self-reflection and insights into unconscious parts of yourself 
  • A science backed  biological dopamine whole body reset
  • A 3-Day Nature-Based Intensive in Ashland Oregon

Single Payment


  • 11 Live Group Sessions (3-hours long) focusing on specific themes
  • Daily Practice Accountability Pods for a daily embodiment practice routine
  • Journaling Assignments for self-reflection and insights into unconscious parts of yourself
  • A science backed  biological dopamine whole body reset
  • A 3-Day Nature-Based Intensive in Ashland Oregon