The Age Of The Lone Wolf Is Over 



I know you're hungry for something more...


Do you feel the tension?

A longing for freedom from the constraints and  pressures that the world seems to expect of us as men.

And simultaneously a desire to feel a sense of belonging and connection beyond the lone wolf epidemic, that modern men are plagued with?

You want to know that your day to day choices are contributing to something larger than yourself.

But you find yourself  bumping up against the limits of your own conditioning and self sabotaging habits.

You want to feel alive and fully expressed. But instead you feel stifled by the "man-box"... which imparts this quality of numbness, apathy, and disconnect from your authentic self.

You're hungry for new definitions, and new models of what it means to be a man.

The too-soft, people-pleasing, new-age, nice-guy leaves you feeling disempowered and emasculated.

While the hyper-aggressive, overcompensating, macho version of masculinity is not something you're aspiring to be either.

Fellas, we are being called to level up in a new way...

To straddle paradoxes and to hold polarities. 

It's a path of integration
 Bringing both our light and darkness, heart and balls, love and power, compassion and fierceness, strength and softness, depth and humor, discipline and flow. 

The path of conscious warriorship sometimes feels like walking a razor's edge. It requires us to hone both sides of the blade.

We require the sharpening and fortifying force of other men, to bring us into alignment and in contact with our core Essence. 

The mission of The Essential Man is to co-create a masculine culture where the age of isolation and lone-wolfing it ends with this generation and a new paradigm of conscious brotherhood and sacred masculine leadership, are the new normal.

I can't create that alone.

My question for you is... Are you with me?


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I'm Soma Miller,

A father, a lover, and men's coach who has been on a journey of self-discovery and transformation for over two decades. I know what it's like to be driven by a hunger to belong, to have big dreams, and to strive for success, all while feeling inadequate and playing small. 

My life was a paradox, constantly holding myself to unattainable standards of perfectionism while letting my big dreams fizzle out due to unconscious self-sabotaging tendencies. 

Men's work was the catalyst that helped me see myself clearly, stop playing games, and confront my shadow. I've invested thousands of dollars and hours working with remarkable teachers, mentors, and coaches,  learning cutting-edge tools, that create lasting transformation. 

My reverence for the wisdom of nature is fundamental to the work I offer. Our modern culture's disconnect from our ecosystem and our biology has impacted our mental, emotional, relational, and spiritual wellness. By attuning ourselves to nature's forces through embodiment, we can activate our primal blueprint, resulting in awareness, vitality, clarity, and a sense of deep abiding connection.


"Soma is a skilled facilitator and guide. He has keen insight into the patterns, a sense of humor, and a strong compassionate presence when guiding me. His leadership and accountability, have helped make massive gains and work through long held fears."  FABIO F.


"Soma brings his whole heart and living facility to the table when he holds space for me. Because of that I feel empowered and buoyed to live from that place in the same field of honesty, authenticity, and natural drive toward mastery." JOHN P.

"I have had the pleasure of working with Soma 1:1 and the insight and clarity of his calls cut straight to the point. He has a gift of seeing through the clutter and getting down to the critical points of self reflection one needs to hear. He challenges you in a way that brings out the best of oneself and is there to help along the way." BRANDON R.


Do not go where the path may lead, go where there is no path and leave a trail. - Emerson

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