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The dawn of brotherhood is here.


My mission is to to create a culture of solidarity amongst men through all walks of life.

I support men in accessing their true potential.

  • By getting them connected inside with what matters most. 

  • Helping them to get real.

  • Setting up systems for optimal growth.

  • Giving them tools to move through the many faces of resistance.

The men I work with:

Are willing to get to know the power of commitment, even if they fear it.

Are ready to embody their purpose, even if they are unsure of what it looks like. 

Make a stand to create loving, inspired and satisfying relationships, even if they often have fallen short of that.

Are humble enough to admit going at it alone is not cutting it and are ready to seek strength beyond their own will.

Upcoming Programs

Purpose, power and presence

jan 2018 Ashland, OR

Jan 2018 online Training

Discover the foundational tools that will shift you from resignation to taking bold action and building a life on your own terms.

Sexual Self Mastery

Feb 2018

The sex education they should have taught in high school. In this dynamic East meets West experiential approach to sexuality, you will let go of inhibiting beliefs and gain the skills, knowledge and confidence to show up in your authentic sexual embodiment.


may 2018 Mt shasta, ca

It provides great value to men to take retreat into the solitude of the wilderness. At an important turning point in life, there is an opportunity to dive deep within, to find your inner wisdom and clarity, guiding your next steps forward.

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