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Modern men are conditioned from an early age to stuff their emotions and to suffer silently.

Past grade school and college many men struggle to find and maintain deep connections with other men.The impact, has men living shorter lives, more depression and higher rates of incarceration. 77% of all suicides in America are committed by men. Men are twice as likely as women to deal with issues of addiction. 

Examples of a healthy empowered masculinity come few and far between.  The media often portrays either the personas of the macho, stoic tough guys or overly passive nice guys.

These narrowly defined possibilities of how we are culturally allowed to show up, makes it mind boggling for men to live into who they truly are.

A large segment of the male population has boys growing up in single parent households, often estranged from the guidance and structure provided by a masculine figure.

Ancient cultures had rites of passage for men making the transition from boyhood to manhood. Modern men lack the mentoring and right environment necessary to transform their seeming limitations and childhood wounding into something that serves a deeper purpose.

Most men take the path of least resistance, afraid to heed to their inner calling. As they grind their way through a status quo existence, what they don’t often realize is, so much more is possible…

The Dawn of Brotherhood is Here

It is rare men have the opportunity to build relationships with each other outside the office or the sports bar.  Cutting through the surface bullshit is a courageous and radical act, which requires, risk, dedicated practice and accountability.

My mission is to create a culture of solidarity amongst men from all walks of life.

  • Men supporting each other to be the best versions of themselves.

  • Men committed to create success aligned with their core values.

  • Men willing and able to take of their masks and get to the heart of their deep truth.

  • Men protecting and leading the women in their lives with love and depth.

  • Men that are ready to grow up amongst peers that hold them to standards of self-mastery, authentic empowerment and consciousness in presence and action.


Upcoming Programs

Wisdom & Integral Leadership Development

January 2019

Discover the foundational tools that will shift you from resignation to taking bold action and building a life on your own terms.

Sexual Self Mastery

January 2019

The sex education they should have taught in high school. In this dynamic East meets West experiential approach to sexuality, you will let go of inhibiting beliefs and gain the skills, knowledge and confidence to show up in your authentic sexual embodiment.


March 2019

It provides great value to men to take retreat into the solitude of the wilderness. At an important turning point in life, there is an opportunity to dive deep within, to find your inner wisdom and clarity, guiding your next steps forward.

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