I know you’re hungry for something more…

The confidence to pursue a purposeful life.

Deeper more meaningful relationships.

To create a lifestyle that is defined by your core values.

To feel more inspired, energized and in flow.

You may struggle with self-doubt at times, but deep down you know you’re a leader, a change-maker and a (r)evolutionary man.

The Dawn of Brotherhood is Here

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Our society sets men up to succumb to comfort, staying isolated, numb, distracted and grinding away at a status quo existence. Most men take the path of least resistance, making the possibility to pursue the dreams that make them come most alive, fleeting.

Ancient cultures had rites of passage for men.

These rituals were designed to steward the transition from boyhood to manhood, within the context of a tribe, giving men a sense of a deeper purpose for their lives.

Modern men lack the mentoring and right environment necessary to transform their seeming limitations and childhood wounding, into something that serves what is beyond themselves.

Many men have gotten a glimmer of inspiration that has called to their heart’s at least once in their lifetime.

This spark that comes from within the soul, is too often ignored and drowned out by all the internal noise and external distractions.

Fear, self doubt, a tough inner critic, shame, being burnt out and under resourced. There are plenty of reasons why men choose to not listen to their inner call.

Waking up to this deeper truth is a warrior’s path. The battlefield of consciousness is inside all of us. We must choose everyday to meet life to our fullest capacity or have the default experience.

Staying isolated may seem safe but it is likely keeping you stuck, in your stories and old programs. Freedom comes from waking up to unconscious habits and then taking a step forward in a new direction.

No matter how hard you try to look, you will have blind-spots that are sabotaging your pathways to success. Within the right environment, the parts of you that may be standing in your own way, can be highlighted and compassionately called forward, so you can bring more of your innate genius online. This kind of skilled facilitation has the ability to accelerate your growth in leaps and bounds.

If you’re curious about getting unstuck and experiencing a paradigm shift in how you relate to yourself, the world and your purpose, then check out some of the programs below or set up a complimentary mentoring call here, to uncover your next steps.

Upcoming Programs

Foundations For Elevation

October 2019

This in person practice container is for you if you want the gift of having other men in your life that you can trust to not bullshit you, to bring their awareness to shine a light where you can’t see past your own limited reality.


Wisdom & Integral Leadership Development

March 2020

Discover the foundational tools that will shift you from resignation to taking bold action and building a life on your own terms.

What Men are Saying



Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

-Mary Oliver-