I was 23.

Nursing a freshly broken-heart.


In recovery from an extremely codependent relationship.

My self-doubt and self-hatred hung over me like a thick, dark cloud.

My ordinary soul-searching had become more an intentional hunt.

In my quest for insight and wisdom, I encountered something that little did I know, would change the course of my life.

I came across my first men's group and an invitation to participate in a year-long rite of passage.

It was with these men that I came to revisit places in myself I had rejected and disowned.

To start the process of feeling the feelings I had stuffed down.

It was in being witnessed in the places I least wanted to be seen that I found belonging, a settling into my skin, a connection to my innate power, and a path forward that gifted me a profound sense of meaning, direction and fulfillment. 

Since that time almost two decades ago, I've continued on this track to engage in this men's movement.
Of opening myself up to the lineage of mentoring a new culture of conscious masculinity.

16 years ago, the birth of my daughter, galvanized an ever more urgent call to task in me.

It became apparently clear that the future her generation would be inheriting was compromised by a destructive mindset of egoic competition and control. 

My purpose is to teach men to use power instead of force.

When we reorient to our power, we shift from control to connection. 

We are at a critical time.

And it's up to each of us to bring the unique magic that will hopefully enable our ancestors to inherit a habitable planet.

My mission is to initiate 100,000 men to discovering their soul's purpose by 2025.