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The Power Of Communicating Without Words

Stop talking so much!

Our words and explanations often stand in the way of what is authentically true. Deeper truths are often conveyed in the unspoken. In a way they are transmitted through our bodies and nervous systems. Too many words can dilute the actual message that needs to be transmitted.

Our defensive habits and strategies to avoid vulnerability tend to cause us to easily get caught up in the rationalizing, hashing out and processing that so many couples engage in.

We need to remember that communication is 93% nonverbal.

When there is a disagreement, misunderstanding or hurt feelings, seeking for what is beneath the surface of a complaint will more likely lead to the deeper desire that is present.

Usually it's as simple as love, connection, attention or appreciation.

Next time you get caught in the whirlwind of a mental, emotional, verbal process that is going nowhere.

Slow down.
Feel yourself.
Feel the other.

The depth and synchronization of two bodies breathing...

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