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Why Every Man Needs Time Alone

How to pimp out a man cave and “men going their own way’ are trending in the google search engines. This need to escape the burdens of life is not necessarily a new concept to the male psyche. But the pressures, and expectations being asked of modern men are raising the bar in the capacities we are being called to hold. Despite the popular ideal of the 4-hour work week, the actual working reality that the majority of modern men face is the experience of being held hostage to their jobs for 40-60 hours per week. If we count the work we do outside of the domain of clocking hours and getting paid, the average man (in particular those in relationships and with families) arrives home on the domestic front with another bus load of tasks egging him on: Laundry, meals, taxes, attending to his intimate partnership. For many of us there can seem to be a constantly surmounting list of to-dos. Even to the point of the things we are supposed to do for our own enjoyment, like...

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